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Pakistan Earthquake Emergency

Within hours of the earthquake on the 08th October, 2005, Imdadul Muslimeen deployed their emergency team in Pakistan and began providing emergency relief immediately. So far, Alhamdu-Lillah, we have spent over 70,000 on providing emergency aid in the form of Food, Medicine, Blankets, Tents and other emergency needs. This was achieved by the hard work and dedication of our team that is based in Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Immediately following the earthquake, truck loads of emergency goods were purchased and loaded onto trucks and transported to the affected areas for distribution.

More than two months after the deadly earthquake, which has killed more than 86,000 people and injured over 120,000, more than 3 million people are still homeless, mostly in remote, inaccessible areas. An estimated 1/2 million survivors are living without adequate shelter in high valleys above the snowline where they are cut off with heavy snow that will remain so until about April, 2005

An already grim situation has taken a turn for the worse as a new crisis begins. As the weather and living conditions continue to deteriorate, a new calamity has begun caused by disease and illnesses festering in the squalid camps and hovering menacingly over all quake-hit areas. With the number of life-threatening illnesses increasing everyday, the window of opportunity to save lives is closing.

In order to save more lives that may be lost due to poor health and living conditions, Imdadul Muslimeen has now embarked on helping to rebuild both temporary and permanent shelters. Initially this is in the form of supplying corrugated metal sheets enough to build a shelter consisting two small rooms and a toilet/bathroom. These provide a more stronger and more permanent shelter compared to tents which are not suitable to the severe winter conditions and are also a fire hazard.


We supply corrugated sheets, nails & timber enough to make a two room shelter as explained above. The cost for this is approximately 200 including transportation. At the moment we are concentrating on this strategy while other charities are also very busy helping in other useful ways.


May Allah reward all those who are tirelessly working to help those in need. May Allah make our hearts soft and sympathetic to the victims. We should count ourselves fortunate that we were spared from the misfortune that befell them. As a way of being grateful to Allah, we should sacrifice our time, wealth and belongings to help the victims of misfortune everywhere in the world.


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